Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stuff #9: Allergy Medicines

Growing up, I scoffed at people with allergies, especially seasonal ones.  Well, maybe not scoffed, but I didn't have that problem, and that was nice.

Then I moved to the east coast.  Over here, there are these things called "trees."  They grow quite big, and every so often give off a whole lot of yellow stuff.  It makes my blue car green, my clear puddles yellow, and my normal nose a sneezy mess.  Not cool trees, not cool.

I know that a lot of people decry modern medicines, and the medical system.  There's been a whole lot of advances in the way we treat our bodies when they don't do what we want them to do.  I will happily admit that not all of these progresses are so great.

But I love allergy meds.  More to the point, I love a summer spent enjoying the outdoors, not cowering inside because of pollen.  I like not having to choose between being able to breathe through my nose and enjoying a day at the park. 

I find the fact that we have figured out what makes our bodies react the way they do really cool in its own right.   Then, we figured out how to counteract that reaction.  Then, we've managed to put that solution into a pill smaller than my pinky nail amazing.  Way to go scientists.  Way to go.

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