Friday, April 22, 2011

Stuff #8: Spellcheck

I have a terrible, terrible confession to make. I read, I write, but I can't spell.  Well, I can, but it gets dicey quickly.  There are many, many words out there that I would spell wrong all the time and never know it if it weren't for spellcheck.

Let me tell you, you should appreciate spellcheck too.  Without it, you would see many, many misplaced vowels.  I wish it had a list of words that I most frequently misspelled.  Let me see how many I can remember.

Jupitor  - Found this one out while I was writing a Sci-Fi book.

Andriod - Yep, look at the i-o mixup.  Same book, incidentally.

incidently - Yep, that one got saved from the sentence right before this one. 

beutiful - I don't make this one as often now, mostly because I've started saying, "Be-a-uitiful" in my head.

mispell - for a nice bit of irony.

There are many more.  I'll have to keep a sharp eye out for them, so all of you can appreciate my disgrace.  But here is just one more reason to love computers in general, and spellcheck in particular.  Thank you, spellcheck, thanks to you I can write:

The android on Jupiter was frustrated because he couldn't hold the pencil right.  Incidentally, he misspelled everything too.

Ha!  Take that, spelling.  Now, if only I could tame my rogue comma placement.  Then we'd really be in business.

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