Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuff #6: Sneaky Book Releases

There are just a few authors whose new books I will buy, no questions asked. One of these authors is Jasper Fforde.  I fell in love with him thanks to my wonderful Grandma Nita.  I'm pretty sure I inherited my love of tea, my love of books, and my height directly from her.  She recommended him, and I really enjoy his work.

But he is only marginally the subject of this post.  About a month ago, maybe a little more, I walked into a Barnes and Noble.  This is not at all unusual.  However, this particular trip I stared at one of the book displays to find a book called "One of our Thursdays is Missing" by JASPER FFORDE.  I know this series, I've read all the other books in the series, and had no freaking clue this book was coming out.  Oh boy, oh boy, that made my day.

Then, just yesterday, on yet another book display, a mostly monochrome book with a few splashes of color caught my eye.  It was "Shades of Grey" by JASPER FFORDE.  This is, in fact, a whole new series.  What the heck, Jasper?  You snuck one over on me twice!  Well played, Mr. Fforde, well played. 

Anyway, having not one, but two days made by Mr. Fforde and his sneaky releases, I think it's safe to say that I love them.  Any other authors feel like spontaneously releasing books without my knowledge?  Anyone?

P.S.  Also, the last name Fforde also falls into the category of things that I love. I mean, Ford is way too boring.  You know it it needs?  An E at the end of it.  Forde.  Well, yes, but even that could be improved upon.  Maybe another o?  Foorde.  No, not good enough.  We could put a rolling R in there.  Forrde.  No.  Wait, guys, I think I've got it.  Another F!  No, it can't be done!  Oh yes it can!  Fforde!

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