Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Idea

Yes, I've done it.  I've hopped on the blog bandwagon.  I do realize we are so far into this whole "blogging trend" that now it is less a bandwagon than a bandcruiseliner. 

 I've been wanting to start a blog for awhile now.  The problem was, there were just too many cool things in the world for me to nail down which one I wanted to talk about first.  "Oh, Tea!" I went one day, and the next I was thrilled by the idea of doing a blog on board games.  Could never get it narrowed down.

So clearly, the only logical thing to do was to start a blog on ALL OF THEM!  Well, sort of.  I'm going to try to put down one thing every day that I love. Who knows, maybe I'll be so excited talking about one of these things that it'll spin off and get it's very own blog! I've heard it's the thing that all blog topics aspire to. 

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