Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuff # 13: Chocolate

I am a chocolate elitist.  I'm not actually a big fan of Hershey's.  But give me a nice creamy Cadbury, Godiva, or Lindt, or some other fancy overly expensive chocolate and I'm there.  It's sad, but it's true. 

I particularly like chocolate with toffee chunks in it.  It makes me sad, though, that toffee chunks are so often paired with almonds.  Dear chocolate manufacturers, can I have one with just the toffee?  I mean, the nuts aren't terrible, but they are unwanted. Thanks.  Chocolate and caramel are another awesome combination.  Give me a Cadbury caramel egg, and you've got a happy Allison.

Chocolate just makes things taste better.  I like my ice cream with chocolate, my cookies with chocolate , my peanut butter with chocolate, my tea with  chocolate, my milk with chocolate, my salad with chocolate.  Yeah, just checking to make sure you were paying attention.  Not really with the salad (though I do have memories of once eating salad with chocolate syrup on it because I loathed salad dressing.  Parents, can I get a confirmation/denial?). 

Some people might say I'm in a rut.  I should branch out into butterscotch, or enjoy pure vanilla more. Well, I think it is a delicious rut to be in.  Mmm, chocolate. 


  1. I bet some well portioned bittersweet chocolate shavings would be good in a salad that also included... toffee pieces! But seriously, sparce dark chocolate shavings, bleu cheese, walnuts, endive, bib lettuce, arugula... I think it might be really good. I may try it. Dang! I'm hungry now!

  2. Jean - That sounds like it really could work! I'm impressed. I have to admit I am more of a salad traditionalist, romaine lettuce, carrots, some croutons, maybe a bit of chicken, all tossed with Italian dressing.

  3. Ghirardelli is up there. So far my favorite has to be Scharfenberger. Hershey... Well there's a reason you don't like it: it's low quality chocolate. Oh sure, it's fine for everyday stuff. it's even okay in cookies. But it has way too much paraffin to be enjoyed. That's in part why it's not so smooth and creamy.

    I love almonds, so I'm okay with the combination, but you've now given me a mission. I'm not sure when it'll be accomplished, but I will find a way to make you you're very own chocolate toffee candy bars. :)

  4. Sam - Good to hear independent confirmation of my anti-Hershey's bias. I've not tried Scharfenberger. And as for the chocolate toffee bars - squee! I am very happy with that goal of yours. :)

  5. have you heard of a salad called cookie salad??? Well, let me introduce you to it :)

  6. Oh...dear. That looks very good! Mmm, cookie salad.