Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuff #1: God

I'll admit, I was nervous putting this one first.  I love the fact that I am friends with people who are very different from each other, and from me (also, I hope it goes without saying, I also love these friends).  Some of you might shake your head, a little disappointed in me for believing in someone invisible.  Others of you might be appalled that I ever considered NOT posting it.  Well, I hope you both will forgive me.

God has always been a part of my life, thanks to my parents.  I don't have any cool story about how when I was seventeen God saved me from the biker gang where I did lots of drugs and killed people.  Let me tell you, I was very frustrated by this fact when I was seven.  All the cool Christians had awesome stories.  Clearly, the fact that I had been on the straight and narrow my whole life was going to count against me.

What has happened has been a lot more gradual, and much harder to describe.  Aside from one or two really dramatic moments, God's been there, slowly pointing me in the right direction.  I can say this with certainty; without him I would not be who I am today. I would like myself a whole lot less.  I have a hunch that you would like me less too.

By the way, those dramatic moments I mentioned never involved a burning bush.  I was frustrated by this, especially back in college.  I had a couple houseplants, and there were times as I tried to figure out what my major was that I really wanted them to catch on fire and just TELL ME.  Sadly, they never did.  Probably for the best, that had to violate some of the dorm's safety code.


  1. I think it's best that your house-plants don't catch fire and talk to you. Although that sounds like a pretty neat story idea (I know, it's been done already. Stupid Bible, taking all the good ideas). I would say, just be pleased that it hasn't taken a burning house-plant to make you realize something important about your life :)


  2. I remember when I first read that Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast was a believer. I said, "Noooo!!! Pamela!!!" and then I remembered that she was awesome. On top of that, she's an awesome scientist. So I suppose what I'm saying is, forgiveness would be without purpose when there is no wrong to forgive, and that you're awesome changes none at all.

    Also, go you, going for the big one first.

  3. Becka - Yeah, you are right about the houseplants. Still, I think the same concept could be revamped with a modern twist. Maybe when you're done with the Greek myths you can move on to a modern day Moses. It is a good scene in the making. And yes, God managed to get through, even without the houseplant-fire plan.

    Eric - Thanks for the support, and I'm relieved that your evaluation of my awesomeness is not adversely affected. I appreciate the vote of confidence.