Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Suff #17: Sharpies

We've been having great big amounts of people over to our house pretty regularly. This delights me, but it means that we deal with a whole lot of cups.

Hooray, hooray for the plastic cup.  It is good at holding liquids, and can be thrown away.  As the primary dish-doer of the house, I feel it deserves it's own post.  However, the ubiquitous nature of these blue cups can lead do some confusion.

The more people we have over, the more likely it is to hear someone saying something like. "I think mine was on the left."  "Well, this seems a bit fuller than mine was." or even "I think I had the slightly darker brown soda."
And eventually...
"I'll just get a new one."
Not the worst of fates, not the best either.  Now, this was compounded in our household by a distinct lack of markers.  At least, markers that would be dark enough to mark on a cup, and be polite enough to to smear said marks all over your fingers.  
Enter...the Sharpie.
 Dun dun DUNNNN!

A wonderful thing, the Sharpie.  It can turn the cup-related confusion into order.  People can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing their cups properly labeled.
Yes...all is right in the world.

This was the most pressing, but far from the only issue the Sharpie handles with aplomb and dignity.  Think of how wretched moving would be without properly labeled boxes.  Think of how much less fun practical jokes would be if your victim could simply wash the markings off their face.
Yes, the world is a better place with Sharpies in it.
Well, maybe not if you're the poor person with writing on their face...


  1. Oh, I can hear your "MINE (grrrr)" and your "dun dun DUNNNN!" I love it.
    Sharpies in our home are also the preferred writing utensil for marking growth charts! Nic is 5'8" now!!!

  2. That is a perfect use for them...and man is he getting tall! Way to go brother!