Monday, May 2, 2011

Stuff #16: Actually Using Teacups.

Dear Teacups,

Are you feeling neglected?  Like you have a mission and life, and are wasting it just sitting on the shelf?  Well come on by our household and feel used!  Erhm, in a good way.  You know, like, people will drink tea out of you.

Thank you,

A side note: If anyone had told me I would be taking pictures of my
dirty dishes and turning them into a blog post, I would have laughed at them.

This is a more recent phenomenon, and one I really enjoy.  My teacups aren't just decoration anymore!  They are used, and for tea.  This makes me happy.  I hope it makes the teacups happy too.


  1. HAHAH! I blame Disney's Beauty and the Beast for your talking to teacups!

  2. Entirely possible! Though Alice in Wonderland did nothing to foster a normal approach to tea either.